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Monday, August 5, 2013

Inability to Provide Information

Inability to Provide Information
Every one of the past attempts at providing strategic information to decision makers was unsatisfactory. Figure 1-4 depicts the inadequate attempts by IT to provide strategic information free practice exam for 70-410. As IT professionals, we are all familiar with the situation. 

Here arc some of the factors relating to the inability to provide strategic information:
  • IT receives too many ad hoc requests, resulting in a large overload. With limited re-sources, IT is unable to respond to the numerous requests in .a timely fashion. 
  • Requests are not only too numerous. They also keep changing all the time. The users need more reports to expand and understand the earlier reports.
  • The users find that they get into the spiral of asking for more and more supplementary reports. o they sometimes adapt by asking for every possible combination, which only increases the IT load even further.
  • The users have to depend on IT to provide die information. They are not able to ac-cess the information themselves interactively.
  • The information environment ideally suited for making strategic decision making has to be very flexible and conducive for analysis. IT has been unable to provide such an environment.'